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Windscreen Repairs

Small cracks in the shape of a star where the laminated glass starts to shatter can be fixed by injecting a resin that is a visual match to the windscreen (glass) and works like a glue by bonding the crack preventing it from spreading across the windscreen, resulting in a windscreen replacement. Hi-Tec Windscreens will repair any windscreen where possible and will advise against a full windscreen replacement if it is unnecessary. Jeff of Hi-Tec Windscreens’ will save you money when ever possible.


Windscreen cracks and chips are subject to contamination from dirt and dust. It is important to stop this contamination and Hi-Tec Windscreens will give you FREE WINDSCREEN SAVER PATCHES to use should this event arise any time in the future.


As soon as a windscreen crack or chip occurs use the free Hi-Tec Windscreen saver patch to keep the dirt and dust out and then CALL HI-TEC WINDSCREENS IMMEDIATELY to repair the windscreen - 0418 561 525. If the windscreen crack or chip gets worse it may be unrepairable and you will need a full windscreen replacement.


Windscreen chips can be fixed within 30 minutes at your home, office or roadside.


Competitive RATES for both windscreen repairs and windscreen replacements – compare Hi-Tec Windscreens’ prices to other companies you will be pleasantly surprised at the savings.

Damaged windscreen from hail stones needing replacement

Damaged windscreen from hail stones removed and ready to be replaced